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General Team Information

Team Communication:

  • Website – Always check here first for information
  • Family Folder – Swimmers should check their folder (in the office) after practice each day. Ribbons from meets can be found here, as well as other forms of team communication.
  • Email – Please check regularly during the season

Team Eligibility:

Eligibility for age groups is determined by the age of the swimmer on June 1st of the current swim season. Please note that swim coaches may assign a swimmer to “swim-up” in an older age group – but at no time can a swimmer compete in a younger age group.

Meet Transportation:

Transportation to/from meets is the sole responsibility of the parents.

Parents - Please Declare Meet Attendance via website

It is the responsibility of the parent to declare meet attendance for their swimmers. Only swimmers who have declared they will be attending a meet will be entered in meet events.

*If your child commits to attending a meet, please have them attend (unless illness/ emergency arises, in which case, please inform coach immediately). It's important for each swimmer to learn to keep their commitment to their team, to their coaches, and to themselves.


  • Always check with your Coach before leaving meet

    Never leave a meet early without checking with your coach! Your swimmer may be entered in a relay towards the end of the meet – and the team might be forced to forfeit the event without your swimmer!

  • See Coach after each event
    Swimmers, please make sure to see your coach after each event during the meets for feedback. Please be patient and courteous about waiting as they may be observing teammates in their events or giving feedback to another swimmer.

Regular Pool Rules Always in Effect:

  • All regular pool rules are in effect during practice and at meets. Lifeguards will be present and have full authority to enforce rules!
  • All swimmers must leave the pool area immediately following practice.

Planned Practice Absence:

  • All requests to be excused from practice should be communicated directly to the coaches.

Championship Meet Eligibility:

  • Swimmers’ eligibility to swim in the age group events is determined by their birthday as of June 1st of the current season.
  • Swimmers must have participated in at least three (3) regular season dual meets.
  • Teams are allowed to submit as many relays as they would like. Only the A & B Relay team can score points in Finals. Each team will be allowed 1 relay team in the ‘fastest’ heat of relays. Swimmers on relay teams are not required to participate in any individual events at finals to swim as part of the relay team.
  • The top 16 swimmers from each individual event at preliminaries, swim at finals. This does not guarantee each team will have a swimmer in finals for the individual events. Swimmer 17 and 18 will be the back-ups for each event and should report to clerk of course when that particular event is called.
  • Each swimmer is allowed to swim a maximum of 3 individual events at preliminaries.
  • Each swimmer is allowed to swim a maximum of 4 events total: maximum of 3 individual events or maximum 2 relay events.
  • Ties for 16th place will have a swim-off after the last event of preliminaries. Winner of the swim-off will swim in finals the next day.
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