NEW Discount Codes for Pre-Season Training


We've found that our original discount code did not work as we expected.  We now have a slightly different structure to get the discount code to work properly for families that are signing their swimmers up for both the summer team and pre-season training.

You still need to register your swimmers with the team first and then sign them up for pre-seasoning training.  During the checkout for pre-season training, please use the corresponding discount code below for the correct number of swimmers you've signed up for both.  The system will then apply the correct dollar amount based on which discount code you type in the box.

1 Swimmer = SUMMER1

2 Swimmers = SUMMER 2

3 Swimmers = SUMMER3

4 Swimmers = SUMMER4

5 Swimmers = SUMMER5

6 Swimmers = SUMMER6

My apologies for this oversight, we are still learning how Swimtopia works as well.

If you run in to any issues or have any questions about this, please let me know.



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